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Stacylynn McGovern has decided that it is her lifelong mission to heal the world, one person at a time, through yoga, music, laughter, and magic.

Hailing from Boston, she currently resides in the up and coming and burgeoning musical community of Worcester MA. A practicing yogi and active teacher since 2008, she has assisted countless students, friends, and clients in reaching their deepest level of spiritual enlightenment through this ancient physical practice.

After her own spiritual awakening during a meditation over 13 years ago, she decided that there was no other choice than to become an instructor; “I wanted people to know that they can feel this way, ALL OF THE TIME, without self-medicating. I wanted to share how to find the best parts of themselves through letting go, working through the bullshit, and healing. REALLY healing.”

With over 2500 hours of class time, her experience runs the gamut; From gyms to offices, to studios and parks or the beach, she has experienced the way yoga opens up a new world for you through body, mind and heart.

Stacylynn is a natural communicator and her warmth and passion are evident. When it comes to teaching, she has the ability to capture the attention of all present. “The best thing in the world is being able to feel the vibration being raised in a room when people are laughing! I like to let students know that we are all in the same boat. You’re safe here, and I am always authentic. I use these methods to get the student’s attention...THEN I hit them with the good stuff. I allow them to feel safe before I make them do the work.”

At 50, Stacylynn hopes that her experience as a music lover, singer, astrologer, writer, video blogger, psychic intuitive, Reiki Master, band member, friend, employee, business owner, daughter, wife, sister, aunt, world-traveler, gourmet chef, health and wellness advocate, yoga teacher, and all-around good human being will help to offer a fun and uncensored view of life for Sanctuary visitors, and assist them on their own path to health, wellness and self-fulfillment.

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