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Ayesha Adamo is a music artist, filmmaker, actor, and mystic who splits her time between New York and LA.

A longtime DJ and songwriter, Ayesha makes music under her own name and is also one-half of several other music projects, including Alchemical Disco and Loss of Eden. Previously, she was a member of the girl group Beauty4 on EMI Records Asia.

On the spiritual side of things, Ayesha studied Qi Gong and Yoga while living in Taiwan—the beginning of her journey into energy work and channeling techniques. She is a practitioner of Western Ritual Magick and an ordained Hierophant in the Temple of Thelema, as well as an initiate of the Soror Estai lineage of the A.’.A.’.—both paths that emphasize the mastery of inner alchemy.

Ayesha is a certified yoga instructor and a long-time assistant to Nancy Mayans in teaching chakra-based energy work to actors at William Esper Studios in New York, through Mayans’ Unlimited Actor technique.

Ayesha’s mastery of sound, voice, and energy work permeate all of her creative endeavors, and she aims to connect to the mystical fire in all she encounters.

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